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Improve Your Initial Offers by Making These Changes When Selling Your Ridgefield Home

  • Carissa McMahon
  • 05/18/23

Are you selling your Ridgefield home and wondering if there is anything else you can do to get more offers? When there is greater competition among sellers, it becomes even more critical to carefully consider how you stage and market your home so that many buyers will want to make an offer quickly. Read to find out what simple things you can do to entice home buyers to make an offer on your home and ultimately shorten the time it spends on the market.

1. Reevaluate the price

After a few days or weeks of your home remaining on the market, you may be wondering if your asking price is too high. Generally, when an asking price is too high, home buyers might overlook your home as they automatically assume it is out of their price range. Consider the number of initial offers received when determining if the listed price is too high. For example, if you received only a small number of views and no offers, your home might be priced too high. Conversely, if you have received a fair amount of views but buyers have been offering a price under the asking price, then a small price adjustment might be needed. If you change the price, it is important to change it within the first two weeks, as you will likely get the most views within the first twenty-one days of the initial listing.

2. Add additional avenues for advertising your home for sale

Another reason why your Ridgefield home might be getting fewer views than you would like might lie in the marketing. If your home is not reaching the right buyers, you should reconsider your marketing strategy. Consider what marketing materials you have developed and how they are working. You can then evaluate with your real estate agent if you should create an additional avenue for marketing.
First, considering the target demographic for your Ridgefield home can help. Determine whether the ideal buyers would be young professionals, a growing family, or empty nesters. For example, those planning to start or grow a family prefer spacious Ridgefield homes on many acres. As for those who wish to downsize, they might like a home with spectacular views of the surrounding Berkshire Mountains while being just a stone’s throw away from community amenities. Once you know your target demographic, you can determine what additional marketing tactic you can add to advertise your Ridgefield home.
There are many ways to market your home, from creating single-property websites and updating social media pages to developing email campaigns. You might consider making an email campaign if you feel there would be many interested buyers within your real estate agent’s network. Or, if your target demographic is the younger generation, consider using high-quality imagery and videos to post on social media platforms. Consider the audience's needs to reach the right buyers for your Ridgefield home.

3. Reconsider the curb appeal

Most likely, you already know how important curb appeal is. Whether home buyers walk up the driveway or view Ridgefield homes for sale in pictures, they will first see the front of your home. Buyers' first impression of your home needs to be positive so that that feeling will continue throughout the home tour and beyond. However, if your home is still not getting as many offers as you would like, consider making a few changes to the curb appeal to make it more appealing.

Add a few potted plants

One easy way to boost the aesthetic appeal of your home is by adding a few potted plants. Consider hanging potted plants from the rafters on the porch or adding them to the front steps. By adding plants in strategic places, you will be able to make home buyers feel more at ease. Plants are well known for improving air quality and even making you happy. By adding beautiful plants to your curb appeal, you might even be able to entice home buyers to make an offer on the spot.

Do basic lawn maintenance

When you first listed your Ridgefield home, you most likely did basic lawn maintenance. When reevaluating your property, you should walk through and see if there is additional maintenance you need to do. For example, consider if you need to mow the lawn, trim back the hedges, or power wash the driveway. It doesn’t take long for the yard to be less pristine, so touching up a few areas might entice buyers to make an offer.

Add outdoor lights

Sometimes you might have buyers who drive by your home when the light is less than optimal. If a buyer cannot see the property well, it will be hard to gauge whether it is suitable for them. Consider adding outdoor lights to the facade of your home. Besides making your home more visible, outdoor lights can accentuate the home's natural beauty. Adding outdoor lights could boost your return on investment by 50%, depending on the type of lighting you install.

Make the house number clear

Another thing buyers might have trouble searching for is the house number. House numbers can get faded over time. Be sure that the house numbers on your mailbox and home are clear, bold, and visible. When buyers are looking for your home, they don’t want to have to search for a house number. Furthermore, a visible house number can be one of the first best signs that the home is well taken care of by the seller.

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